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Information For Private Nursing Home Residents

Are you thinking of coming to live at Castleview?

Image of happy residents at Castleview Private Nursing Home

We will provide you with as much information as possible about Castleview, to help you make a decision about whether or not you would like to live here. We offer the opportunity for you to visit Castleview, join current residents for a meal and have several overnight stays before moving in. We are happy for you to involve your friends, family or other important people in your life, in seeing Castleview and the care and facilities we can provide before making the final decision about coming to live here.

As part of you moving to Castleview, we will encourage you to share with us as much information as possible about your likes, dislikes, hobbies and leisure interests. We hold residents` meetings regularly, which are important for all residents to have a say in the running of Castleview. Residents’ questionnaires and personal plans are also used as a way of collecting views and comments, which are then fed back to management and changes made if needed to improve everyone’s life in Castleview.

Choosing your decorations and furnishings

We also want you to feel as comfortable as possible while living in Castleview. We will do this by enabling you to personalise your bedroom so you will feel comfortable and happy.

Activities, friendships, hobbies and pursuits

We feel it is very important for you to be able to enjoy your life in Castleview and to be able to join in as many of the activities that we offer. We also hope you will develop friendships with other residents and you will feel able to choose and join in with many of the communal social activities that happen on a daily basis.

We will try to help you  enjoy as wide a range of individual and group activities and interests as possible both inside and outside Castleview, to carry on with existing hobbies, pursuits and friendships, and be able to have new experiences.

Qualified, experienced and caring staff

The people that will care for you in Castleview include nurses, care staff and others who will make your life more comfortable. Some of these staff have worked in Castleview for more than 20 years and are very much part of the

‘Castleview Family’. All our staff are well trained, and will respond to you and your needs.

Each resident has a daily activities programme tailored to suit their individual needs. Our facilities include a craft/day-care room where some of our residents choose to do art and craftwork, puzzles, knitting, music and board games situated in a private enclosed patio area. Other activities include music and relaxation, light therapy and we have a dedicated sensory stimulation and soft equipment area (snozelen room).

Alternative therapies

Music therapy

Everyone, regardless of their ability, can make and appreciate music. Music therapy allows people to release their feelings, relieve stress and improve their emotional wellbeing. It also promotes physical awareness and can develop attention, memory and concentration.


Aromatherapy works by gently messaging different areas of the body to relieve congestion and tension.   It encourages healing and restores balance and it can be a uniquely relaxing experience.


Zumba sessions are typically about an hour long and the exercises include music with fast and slow rhythms. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities and includes the same kind of music as the Zumba fitness party class. Because Zumba program is low-impact, it is safe for all ages and can help them to build strength, improve motion and posture.


Physiotherapy stimulates the body’s healing processes and can help with back and joint problems, chest conditions and difficulties with movement, balance and limb control. It can improve mobility and increase independence, helping people physically as well as psychologically.


A hydrotherapy bath is also available for therapeutic purposes. Hydrotherapy treats the body using the health giving properties of water. Lying in a hydrotherapy spa bath with the moving water massage and enliven body tissues relieving muscle tension and joint pain. Tension is relieved, and stress melts away leaving the mind and body energised.
Snozlen/Sensory room

Light projectors, gel wheels, shimmering fibre-optic light wall and music create a total sensory experience that can be either exciting or tranquil. A sensory room can make people aware of their environment and interact with what’s going on around them, whether their senses are being soothed or stimulated.

Pool Room

We also have a Pool room where we hold pool matches against other homes and Day centres.

Training kitchen

A training kitchen is available for you to make tea, coffee and snacks, and can be used in developing your cooking skills.

To mark special occasions such as birthdays and other important dates, we have parties and nights out, which are very popular with all the residents. Our enclosed courtyards have seating areas and when the weather is suitable, we hold regular barbecues which are popular with everyone.

In keeping with normal home life, we also have the occasional take away meals.

The local community and its facilities

The local community plays a very important part in enriching our residents’ lives. Those who are able can visit the local shops independently. Where needed, staff accompany residents to the shops and other local facilities, such as café’s and pubs. We also go to the local weekly market, library and the leisure centre, which is very popular with some residents who join the locals in keep-fit, swimming and dance groups. We have one large and one small mini bus which make it possible for us to go on bus runs, visiting places of interest, shopping centres, the cinema, ten pin bowling, and restaurants.

We are very involved in community life, and use many community-based local organizations such as N.I Pool League, Gateway Clubs and church and voluntary groups to ensure opportunities for life enriching experiences. We encourage visitors to Castleview, including local councillors, members of parliament, officers of the local PSNI, representatives of voluntary organisations and Churches, students, school children and others. Naturally we ensure the safety of residents, and also respect their views about who they want visiting their home.